New Members to Team Cannonball Kids’ Cancer


I am conscious of new followers ( I dislike that word - followers) … I prefer, prayer warriors, supporters, people helping spread awareness, team Cannonball members .. I blog here because I believe social media will allow Team Cannonball Kids’ Cancer to create awareness, educate, inspire people to have blood drives, do a presentation, hold a fundraiser for kids’ cancer.. Also maybe another parent who has a child with cancer gets something from it - that would make my heart happy. This blog is a very emotional account of what my son Cannon is going through and what I am as his mother… My husband also writes on here about once a month, but primarily it’s me who writes - mumma-bear or Melissa Wiggins ( I prefer the former)…

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Thank You Team Cannonball Kids’ Cancer

Where do I start?

What a day……

I’m kind of lost for words … I know, right? A Scottish lassy lost for words? Truly though…I just don’t know how to describe today and what it meant to me and our family to see everyone we love and care for supporting this incredible cause. 

I hate naming people in this blog because how can I name one person and not another - but every rule deserves an exception and this is mine…

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March with US


Cannon is asking - how can you say no to Little Cannonball?

Today is the day!!!

We did it!!!

We did it!!!

We REALLY did it!!!

As of right now we are at $40,510….

I confess this Brit shed a few tears at the love for Cannon and Arnold Palmer that people have shown is honestly beyond words…

I can’t wait to meet so many of you today when we will March to begin the process of eliminating kids cancer….

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Prayers Needed Please

We went for a check up this morning - there are a lot of things that must be checked before you start antibodies. We are due to start round three on Sunday.

Cannon was miserable at hospital today - now that he feels better - well - he doesn’t want to be there AT ALL. He kept asking to leave and cried as we walked around trying to get his urine sample. Cannon isn’t a crier so I knew something was up. As I lifted him from his stroller he acted in a lot of pain. 

Cannon has been having these seizure like episodes they are so strange his whole body tenses up and he shakes for a few seconds then it stops.

Today his liver enzyme levels were 600 and 700 and they need to be below 40 to start the treatment on Sunday. 

We will not start antibody Sunday. I don’t know what this means yet. 

You can imagine my upset in him not being able to have this life saving treatment. I am struggling to watch Cannon so upset with being at hospital and him not being able to have the antibodies. It’s such an emotional roller coaster ride.

We are waiting to go for an ultrasound to see what’s going on incase it is gallstones from all his blood transfusions. That would require surgery but I’m praying it is not that but also that it is not anything serious. He cannot eat or drink for four hours. 

Please pray hard for my baby boy! 
He needs this treatment but first we have to figure out what is going on with his liver.

Written by Mumma-Bear
Cannonball Kids’ Cancer 
Thankful For The Fight
Pray Hard

This is Ashley ~ 

I had the privilege of attending my first St. Baldrick’s event in Tampa today, where an incredible woman named Krista shaved her head in honor of Cannon! It was an emotional experience to meet someone so passionate about conquering kids’ cancer. It’s actually one of the blessings on this journey… Michael, Melissa and I love attending blood drives, fundraisers and events such as these to meet and thank the community that has formed Cannonball Kids’ Cancer. 

Krista was surrounded by her friends and family, including her middle school-aged son who donated his own money to his Mom’s fundraiser. The proceeds from the St. Baldrick’s events go directly towards pediatric cancer research. Who knew going bald could help change the lives of so many children?

Thanks to each one of you for praying, donating blood, raising money, cooking meals… and shaving your heads in honor of Cannon. We hope to meet many of you in person at Arnie’s March on the 18th. It’s sure to be a special day for Cannonball Kids’ Cancer!

Look at that hair

Cannon is smiling more today than since before transplant - he just looks at me smiles and turns away. You can imagine ….my heart is bursting!!!

Today I took all three boys to the science center then to the park for lunch… Cannon doesn’t have much strength or much endurance but he was sure full of smiles. It’s kind of funny - sorry I shouldn’t say this - but it’s kind of funny to watch the other parents look at me like I’m a crazy lady. They stare and I know they don’t mean to, but I can’t help but chuckle…I have one kid crawling at my feet, one playing with toy cars and one on my hip - and I’m on my own. They whisper and sometimes don’t whisper and say things to me like double trouble to which I respond double blessing. It’s just another example of how no one knows what’s going on in people’s life - it made me laugh.

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