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Creative Director

Rich Johnson

Company: Spectacle Photo
Why CKc?
As a Co-founder and former board member, I chose to support Cannonball Kids’ cancer because it’s hard to unlearn the facts that I have learned about pediatric cancers.
About Rich Johnson

Equipped with a love for the arts and a passion for cinema, Rich Johnson’s influences are clearly expressed in every click of the shutter. He is a national and international award-winning artist including two Emmys. Rich has distinguished himself as an innovator in design, photography, and video and has spent the last 20 years perfecting his artistic skills to become an expert in the fields of print, web, video, and photography. His skill set, mixed with his creative personality, is a perfect fit for any project. Rich has produced multiple viral projects including an anti-bullying awareness campaign called Weapon of Choice that has been used by over 180 non-profits around the world. His powerful photographs and videos from that campaign caught the attention of the UN, which led to him being a speaker at the US Senate in 2014 for a UN Aids event. In 2013 he co-founded Cannonball Kids’ cancer, a local non-profit that is dedicated to funding revolutionary research to treat pediatric cancers. Since the non-profit’s conception, Rich has produced multiple photo campaigns that have both helped to raise funds for research and educate people on what the pediatric cancer world really looks like.