#STEPUP – TODAY – I Challenge You!

Time to #STEPUP

Gold shoes – check! 

Team Cannonball is heading to Washington DC right now!!! 

We are part of the ON FOOT movement to encourage, gently persuade, charm – whatever we need to do to CHANGE the percentage of funding for research for these kids. I find “kill them with kindess” may be my motto, that said I reserve the right to change my mind at anytime!  Maybe my Scottish accent will come in handy – FINALLY! 

#STEPUP is something we are encouraging everyone to share any way you know how!  Whatever it takes, but I challenge you to SHARE this post and ask others to #STEPUP.

How can you help?

All I ask is you share this message: 

Our Government – the United States of America – has $5 billion each year that is allocated to ALL Cancers – of that 100 percent pie – all 12 kids’ cancers get 4 percent. That 4 percent is divided up between them. That’s why our kids are dying. Would you like to know what kills more kids than any other disease? You guessed it – CANCER!!!!!! 

That’s what I ask you to do. Take that message, repost it however you want!! But get the message to those that DON’T know – we NEED change!!

You can be a PART of the movement!!! 


It’s TIME!!!

Join the movement!!! Today!!!!

I receive hundreds of messages asking “how can I help”? 

Today YOU can help! 

Please check our website daily for updates on what we are doing in DC and the progress we are making. Team Cannonball can’t wait to join 247 other advocates from all over the country to make a difference for OUR kids – YOUR kids. 

Written by Mumma-Bear

Cannonball Kids’ Cancer


Thankful For The Fight

Pray Hard

32 Days Cancer Free


When Cannon was in the midst of his battle hooked up to a life support machine fighting for every breath, I looked to Michael and I said “we need to show the world this”. I said if we can save one kid then it’s worth it. This wasn’t about just our son anymore, it was so much BIGGER than that! 

One kid….

That was all my emotionally broken down soul could handle as I held my baby’s hand…. 

I confess and I’m not ashamed to admit… 

I got GREEDY….

One is not enough. It’s just not. 


Cancer is the NUMBER ONE killer of kids under 15. Not the second, not the third, not the fifth… the first!!!!!! 

As in no other disease kills MORE of our babies than CANCER!!!

4 kids will die today in the US. That’s four sets of parents, four grandparents, countless siblings, communities and above all the kids are losing on average 69 years of their life…. 

That’s why!!!!

Say all you like about more people get adult cancers and that’s why there is more funding – to that I say this: Adults lose on average 7 years of their life (going on average life expectancy) and kids lose around 69 years.   So yes, I get the arguments said to me all the time but I’m sorry – enough is enough. Breast cancer receives $603 million for research – one type of cancer. Lung cancer gets $315 million – one cancer. All 12 kids’ cancer which are completely different – what do they get? They get $208 divided by 12 cancers. And I wondered why there had been only one change to Cannon’s treatment in 25 years!!!! That’s why!!!!

Today in the US 40,000 children are in hospitals living in the hospital beds. Fighting to live one more day! 4 of them will die before the end of today. Can you imagine?

Did I ever imagine I would hear ‘your kid has cancer?’  No.

But I did…. 


I got GREEDY!!!!!!

One kid’s life being changed is not enough!!!! 

Congressmen and Senators may not listen but they will certainly hear this from me next week!!!  

I will not be quiet!!

I am greedy for change!!!!!! 

Comment if you’re greedy, too!!! 

Please volunteer to be a part of the movement that plans to change to the face of kids’ cancer – with your help!!! We cannot do it alone!!! Cannonball needs a bigger team!!!! Go BIG or Go HOME!!!!! 

Cannon is getting strong from occupational therapy, swim therapy – the pictures are him smiling as he is so pleased he can get out his chair – only did this for first time today…. I’m excited for him – here comes the climbing stage – one word! Amazeballs!!!!

Written by Mumma-Bear

Cannonball Kids’ Cancer 

Thankful For The Fight

Pray Hard

30 Days Cancer Free

One month cancer free……

White House Here We Come….

Thoughts on our NEW information cards….

The information cards are ready…..

Slightly obsessed with these truly incredible information pieces created by our creative director and his team…

Michael and I are armed with these and a camera so stay tuned for updates.  DC Here We Come!!!

Written by Mumma-Bear

Cannonball Kids’ Cancer 

Thankful For The Fight

Pray Hard

29 Days Cancer Free

What Does 28 Days cancer Free Look Like?….

What does 28 days cancer free look like? ….

Well it sounds like this: Cannon continues to amaze us with his eating and trying EVER so hard to talk. He is getting stronger but still very weak ..but most importantly getting stronger.

28 days cancer free....
28 days cancer free….

We have had differing opinions on whether he should have hearing aids NOW or not and subsequently are looking to a third opinion. I know that if Cannon does need them he will make them cool and make sure everyone else that has them around him feels cool, too! He is just that kid! He is a lover. 

Cannon starts medications again on Monday – I know they save his life and thus I refrain from complaining. They do change his mood a lot but I’m thankful he is here and thankful a change in mood is now noticeable due to his non-stop smiling… For months he was emotionless so perspective, Mumma-bear 😉 

July 6th Cannon takes his last meds for the protocol and July 7th we begin scans for the week. Scanxiety is setting in already but I must stay strong and focus on today and not be fearful of tomorrow.

End of July we hope to go to Michigan for the trial chemo drug DFMO which he will be placed on for two years and consists of 8 pills a day. It’s all in motion and we wait to hear back from them. 

The goal…..

Keep the cancer away….

We do not want… nor does anyone want… to be in the relapse category. 

Please continue to pray for my buddy PATRICK – he has scans today!!

Things at the Cannonball Kids’ Cancer headquarters – how would I describe it….mmmm…. Crazy!!!!!

Thank you for all who applied for volunteering and anyone that wants to please go to our volunteer page: 


Yes – you can apply from any State or Country. 

We have reviewed hundreds of applications and continue to segment them into groups and advisory boards. If you haven’t submitted one, get one in soon. Please be patient with us, we will be getting in touch within the next two weeks. 

Michael and I are off to DC to educate ourselves and then use that to educate others. I am a little over excited about visiting the White House – that’s pretty cool for a Scottish lassy…. But most of all I am just yearning to learn more and change things for these kids. That’s my focus: education to eradicate kids cancer…. That’s where I see myself within the Foundation (which is huge, by the way). A lobbyist? Perhaps my law degree will come into use after all 😉 

I am so thankful for everyone that is making kids’ cancer weaker as we TEAM CANNONBALL get BIGGER and stronger …. We are only an infant charity right now but before you know it …….

We are trying to transition the main Cannonball Kids’ Cancer information and updates to our website now – a much easier resource for our time to compile packet information, funding, research, etc. All of which is being worked on really hard by the team… So I ask kindly and nudge you gently to start checking our website for information. If you all, sorry how do you Americans say it ‘y’all’ don’t follow directions well (I get it, I’m that way ;)) then I won’t nudge SO gently next time….

Cannon and I got some quality time ‘just us’ today (a complete rarity), it was amazing!!! Look at this guy go….

I am 

I continue to be

Thankful for the fight  


Written by Mumma-Bear

Cannonball Kids’ Cancer 

Thankful For The Fight

Pray Hard

28 Days Cancer Free

Cannon 28 days cancer free!!!

NO evidence of DISEASE.. Cancer Free!!!!

I started writing a post before I got this news but thank goodness I can ditch that post and blog the words:

Cancer Free

No Evidence of Disease

Cannon has worked so hard for this day….

I confess, I cried when Dr. Susan Kelly showed me his last urine results and then today’s. It wasn’t pretty but it couldn’t be held back…. A rush of emotions flew through my body. Cannon’s levels are now 3.8 and 6.2 (below 13 is normal). When he was diagnosed they were 300. We know we still have two years of outpatient treatments but that’s our insurance policy for what we already know… Cannon has no evidence of any disease in his body.

Today, May 20, 2014, a day I will never ever forget!! Ever!!!

I am not sure how I express in words the feeling in my heart and soul. The truck that was pushing me against the wall over and over yesterday has released me from it’s grips and finally a pressure from my chest is lessening.

My sister brought the twins to see me and I got to share the amazing news with her and the boys.

To celebrate this incredible news Team Cannonball has a new sale for t-shirts starting today. I am sorry we took so long to get this project going but below is the link to buy t-shirts. I believe kids sizes are available too. Please know the funds raised from the sale will NOT go to our family. They will go directly to Cannonball Kids’ Cancer. The foundation is in the 9 months legal process…September 2014 it will be complete. So the funds will go 100 percent to kids’ cancer research and awareness initiatives at CKC. 

Cannon has slept almost all day since he didn’t sleep last night. I should probably try and rest but I am just so happy that everything we have worked hard for is paying off. Cannon did this. Nobody else can take that from him. We just helped him along the way. But Cannon did this, he went through 13 hour surgeries, he was taken to near death in transplant… he did it all. I am so proud of that kid I get to call my son. Michael and I are just so happy!! I can’t wait to hug my husband and really celebrate. 

Link for buying T-Shirts…..


Written by Mumma-Bear
Cannonball Kids’ Cancer 
Thankful For The Fight
Pray Hard

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