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Jake Kestler Expansion of Cold Sore Treatment for Brain Tumors

Project Title

Phase 1 Trial of Engineered HSV G207 in Children With

Layman’s summary

Dr. Friedman is already conducting a first-in-children Phase 1 trial of HSV G207 in brain tumors located in the upper part of the brain (cerebrum) and has safely treated 10 children with evidence of significant responses. This trial allows him to expand the same treatment to brain tumors in the lower part of the brain. The trial has a secondary goal of determining the effectiveness and immune response of the therapy by exploring specific features of the tumor and in the patient’s blood that may predict a treatment response to oHSV.

Gregory Friedman

This Project By The Numbers

  • Years Active
    3 years
  • Amount Awarded
  • Institution
    University of Alabama at Birmingham