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Hannah Harger Relapsed Wilms Tumor Trial

Project Title

Enhancing Tumor-Associated Antigen Cytotoxic T-Cell Immunotherapy in Patients with Relapsed/Refractory Wilms Tumor

Layman’s summary

Children who relapse with Wilms tumors have a dismal prognosis and there are few targeted therapies or clinical trials available. Dr. Meany’s trial aims to fill this critical need with use of a therapy similar to the celebrated CAR-T therapy, which has not had thrilling results in solid tumors like it has in blood cancers. Dr. Meany’s protocol is a “first in human” approach to evaluate the targeting of multiple tumor associated antigens with T cells and combining it with chemotherapy in a novel way.

Holly Meany

This Project By The Numbers

  • Years Active
    3 years
  • Amount Awarded
  • Institution
    Children’s National Medical Center