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Young Investigator

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Dr. Jared Rowe Young Investigator’s Grant at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Layman’s summary

Pediatric kidney cancer, especially with types rarer than Wilms tumors, remain a significant cause of cancer related morbidity and mortality in children. Harnessing the immune system to treat cancer is an exciting and rapidly growing field already demonstrating improvements in curing cancer. However, these therapies are failing when applied to children because of a lack of understanding of immune responses in childhood cancers. Dr. Rowe is using advanced technologies to analyze immune cells within tumors at the level of individual cells. This characterization will provide an unparalleled view into the function of immune cell populations in childhood cancer.

Jared Rowe

This Project By The Numbers

  • Years Active
    3 years
  • Amount Awarded
  • Institution
    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute