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Emmi Grace Applesauce Trial for Kids Who Can’t Swallow Pills

Project Title

Phase 1 Feasibility Trial of Repeated Convection Enhanced Delivery of HDAC Inhibitor MTX110 (Panobinostat) under real time image guidance for the Treatment of Children with Malignant Midline Gliomas

Layman’s summary

Dr. Johnson and CKc desired to create a way for patients to benefit from the Indoximod study but were physically unable to swallow pills. Administration via applesauce was first studied but did not prove effective. Dr. Johnson went on to successfully convert the drug into liquid form and deliver the first ever immunotherapy through a patient’s G-tube while providing this potentially life-saving treatment to more children.

Theodore Johnson

This Project By The Numbers

  • Years Active
    2 years
  • Amount Awarded
  • Institution
    Augusta University, Georgia Cancer Center