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Bestie Bakesale

Party with a Purpose participants
Why Bestie Bakesale Chose CKc
We are always looking for ways to teach our children the impact of giving back. Helping them raise money for CKc gave them the chance to help other kids. Now that they’ve had some success, a fire has been lit! They want to do more bakesales and help more missions important to them. We are so grateful that CKc had a path for this effort through their Party with a Purpose program!
About Bestie Bakesale

My daughter has a core group of tiny besties that met in the daycare room eight years ago. Each holiday season for the past five years, we get them together to bake holiday cookies. It’s a tradition we all love. 

But this past December, each mom in the group felt busy and overwhelmed. We had a lot of plans together to celebrate the season… but cookie baking felt like a weight hanging over us. We didn’t want to disappoint the kids. But we also couldn’t find a day to add one more holiday themed activity. 

All of this, coupled with the ever-present desire for us moms to teach our kids the spirit of giving… formed an idea. What if we pushed back cookie baking a few months and turned it into a Party with a Purpose for CKc? Thus, the Bestie Bakesale was born!

Written by Dana Nichols, Mom of Violet and Simon

Photos of Bestie Bakesale