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Jim Knight and Brant Menswar

Donors, Advocates, Corporate Partners, Rockstars!
Why Jim Knight and Brant Menswar Chose CKc
Brant’s son Theo fought cancer with the strength of a warrior and the humility of a servant. Despite the brutality of his treatment, Theo chose to love fiercely, to press forward courageously, to help others selflessly, and share joy freely. Seeing Theo fight cancer over the course of his 9-year battle cemented Brant’s conviction to support missions focused on changing the standard care for pediatric cancer patients. Jim’s always focused on investing in problem-solving missions. Hearing about Brant’s brutal personal experience with pediatric cancer led Jim to support cancer missions. Their common desire to support change-making missions motivated this powerhouse team to support CKc.
About Jim Knight and Brant Menswar

As public speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs, Jim and Brant look for ways to incorporate CKc in all they do! From donating a portion of speaking fees to talking about CKc on their podcast Thoughts That Rock!, Jim and Brant constantly drive attention to the problem of pediatric cancer and the solution of investing in research through CKc. They can always be counted on to offer advice, support, and advocacy for all things CKc. As an added bonus, Jim and Brant are HILARIOUS which makes this impactful work fun!

Photos of Jim Knight and Brant Menswar