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Each day in the United States, five sets of parents wake up, get dressed, and drive to their child’s funeral. That’s because childhood cancer is the number one disease killer of kids in the US, killing five children each day. And yet, until you receive a diagnosis for your child, you probably don’t know the brutal reality.

No one wants to imagine that this could happen to their child. That time spent together – tossing the football, hosting a tea party, or just getting ready for school – could be merely a memory, but that is the reality of childhood cancer. And the survivors? Children who survive cancer and its brutal treatments are told their child may need hearing aids, have stunted growth, be developmentally delayed or will most likely be infertile. In fact, more than 95% of childhood cancer survivors will have a significant health-related issue by the time they are 45 years of age as a result of treatment. Childhood cancer is a death sentence or a life sentence, and nothing in between. The team at Cannonball Kids’ cancer Foundation (CKc) wants to change that reality – and YOU have the power to do it. During September’s Pediatric cancer Awareness Month, YOU can create treatment options for children fighting cancer. Options that produce more survivors AND increase quality of life… not one or the other. Join us in the fight to SAVE FIVE. Invest in research Since 2014, CKc and our donors have awarded $2.4 million in research grants and created 593 treatment options for children. Clinical trials funded by CKc create less-toxic treatments that increase quality of life. And this research is innovative – 92% of research projects funded by CKc are first-of-their-kind. Educate for change. The Daily Five/Save Five education campaign allows you to learn, share, and take action to revolutionize the battle with childhood cancer. Now that you know the brutal reality, please share The Daily Five videos with others using #SAVE5 and tagging CKc on social media. Childhood cancer wins when we remain silent and take no action. Join us in the fight to change the status quo for kids’ cancer treatments.

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