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Shawn Carlin

Board Member
Shawn is a Senior Vice President at Gilbane Building Company responsible for the overall leadership and strategic direction of the company’s operations in the Mid-Atlantic States of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware where he oversees two Business Units comprised of approximately 200 employees and revenues exceeding $500 million/year. Specific areas of focus are in the Healthcare, Life Science, Manufacturing and Cultural sectors where he has led the completion of some of the more significant, and culturally relevant, projects within this geography. Gilbane is currently leading the construction efforts on the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Schuylkill Avenue Research Building-1 which is a 14 story wet lab research building which will focus on children’s health through cutting edge research and breakthrough therapies. Shawn is passionate and dedicated to charitable causes and serves/served on the Boards of the American Heart Association – Hard Hats with Heart, The ACE Mentor Program, The Boy Scouts of America – Good Scout Council, The General Building Contractors Association, The Economy League of Philadelphia, and The School District of Philadelphia – Industry Advisory Committee. Shawn is lifelong Philadelphian (and passionate sports fan!) who graduated from Temple University with degree in Civil/Structural Engineering. Shawn resides in Williamstown NJ with his wife, Amanda, and their three sons – Shawn Jr, Connor, and Kayden. When not at work, Shawn can be found coaching youth Soccer and Basketball, on the water fishing at his beloved shore or chasing around a little white ball in a never-ending pursuit of credibility on the golf course!
Personal Statement
I attended an event in support of my good friend John McCarroll. It ended up being an event to support the early days of CKc where I met Michael & Melissa Wiggins and heard them speak for the first time. Their passion and dedication was palpable and immediately set the hook within me. Is there a more precious resource than that which our children present? I have many friends whose children have battled this diabolical disease and my own family has been haunted by the same far too many times, including the loss of my Father. For me, I cannot think of a better use of my time, talent or effort than to help a family avoid the pain and heartache that is brought by this disease. If I can help just one family, then this is the best investment that I’ve ever made.