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Valerie Solomon

Director of Program Impact
A 15-year veteran of the nonprofit sector, Val has served diverse missions including arts and culture, education, health, social justice and social services. Val has worked with young, start-up nonprofits as well as long-established organizations and her experience includes roles in program/direct services, recruitment, retention, fundraising, marketing/communications, volunteer management and organizational management. Through this work, Val has developed a deep passion for the health and wellbeing of the nonprofit sector. It is, after all, the glue that holds communities together.
“Pick a quote!”
Dana Nichols
Valerie’s Personal Statement
Like so many people, Val knew nothing of the realities of pediatric cancer before learning about Cannonball Kids’ cancer Foundation. Since that time, she has become dedicated to CKc’s mission to funding innovative research to create life-saving treatment options for our children.